Dawki Camping Umngot river Side Dawki Camping is a Joint Venture between well-known Campings, Trekkings & Homestay Companies in Meghalaya Dawkicamping.com, Marvelscampstreks.com and Betelnut Resort – Shnongpdeng. We are a community of adventure and outdoor enthusiasts and professionals completely dedicated to meeting the needs of people wanting to travel for adventure and nature in Meghalaya, North-East, India. Dawki

Riverside Camping Umngot River Dawki Shnongpdeng Drive from Shillong to Shnongpdeng village, (Dawki). Arrive at Betelnut Restaurant for tea and snacks. Proceed to Campsite Freshen Up/Take rest Bonfire &  Dinner. Day 2 : Morning tea-Breakfast-Water-Activities-Departure Breakfast. Begin with the water-activities(Boating, Kayaking, Cliff-jumping, Snorkelling ,Zip-lining) Departure to next destination. Water Activities: Boating @500 per boat(Capacity 5people) Kayaking @300